What is Liposuction Treatment?

Liposuction Treatment (Liposuction in Lahore) is a body reshaping and contouring procedure that help remove excess and abnormal fat deposits from any part of the body resistant to diet and exercise.

Genetically, there is a difference in fat deposition pattern among male and females. For women, it is more in the thighs, hips and buttocks; and for men, around the waist.

Furthermore, with aging, fat globules may also enlarge in the neck, jowls and in the upper arms giving one a flabby appearance.

Liposuction Treatment (Liposuction in Lahore) is a safe and reliable procedure which is not only capable of reducing pockets of fat but also of reshaping and recontouring your body shape.

Liposuction Surgery

Why It’s Done (Liposuction)?

Liposuction is not a procedure for weight loss, it is rather a treatment to LOOSE INCHES. It is used as a contouring procedure for areas where hereditary fat deposits resistant to diet and exercise have accumulated and can be used to remove fat deposits from any part of the body e.g.

  • Abdomen
  • Upper arms
  • Buttocks
  • Breast and gynecomastia
  • Hips and thighs
  • Chin

When one gain weight, fat cells increase in size and number. In turn, liposuction reduces the number of fat cells in that area. The resulting shape are generally permanent, as long as the weight remains stable.

After Liposuction Treatment (Liposuction in Lahore), the skin molds itself to the new shape of the treated areas. In skin with good tone and elasticity, the skin contracts and have a smooth contour. In skin with poor elasticity, the treated areas may sag.

However Liposuction Treatment doesn’t improve cellulite dimpling of skin or remove stretch marks.

How Is Liposuction Treatment (Liposuction in Lahore) Done?

Liposuction Treatment (Liposuction in Lahore) is done with the help of very fine cannulas. Which is inserted into plane of fat between skin & muscle through very fine hole. The procedure leaves no scars, only a few very tiny dot-like scars visible on very close inspection.


First a solution containing local anaesthetics & haemostatic agent is infiltrated into the fat planes. Local anaesthetic actually numb the area of liposuction and haemostatic agent control bleeding and prevent bruising. This fluid tends to dislodge the fat globules. The dislodged Fat is then sucked out by attaching cannula to the suction machine.

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What You Can Expect After Liposuction Treatment?

Before The Procedure:

Before the liposuction treatment, the areas to be treated are marked as circles. Preoperative pictures are taken so that before and after images can be compared.

There are different techniques of liposuction procedure. Your surgeon will select the appropriate technique based on your treatment goals and the area to be treated.

Types Of Liposuction:

  • Tumescent Liposuction:
    • This is the most common and traditional type of liposuction treatment (Liposuction in Lahore). First a sterile solution — containing local anaesthetic (lidocaine) and a haemostatic drug (epinephrine) to shrink the blood vessels and control bleeding— is injected into the area that’s being treated.
    • Then through very small tiny cuts on hidden areas on your skin, thin liposuction cannula are inserted under the skin into the fatty layer. The cannula is then connected to a vacuum machine that sucks the fat and fluids from that area.
  • Ultrasound-Assisted Liposuction (UAL):
    • In this type of liposuction technique a metal rod cannula that emits ultrasonic energy is inserted under your skin into the fat layers.
    • The ultrasound waves rupture the fat-cell walls and breaks down the fat for easier removal. A new generation of UAL called VASER-assisted liposuction is a device that also improve the skin contouring and reduce the chance of skin injuries.
  • Laser-Assisted Liposuction (LAL):
    • This technique of liposuction uses high-intensity laser waves to break down fat cells for removal.
    • During LAL, the surgeon inserts a laser cannula through a small incision in the skin and dissolves fat deposits which is then removed via a cannula.
  • Power-Assisted liposuction (PAL):
    • This type of liposuction uses a power motor connected to the cannula for rapid back-and-forth motion. This power vibration allows the surgeon to suck out tough fat more easily, rapidly and with lesser surgeon fatigue.
    • Your surgeon may select this technique if large volumes of fat need to be removed or if you’ve had a previous liposuction procedure (Liposuction in Lahore).

During The Procedure:

Most liposuction procedures may require only local anesthesia — when limited to small areas of body.

However general anaesthesia may be required for large volume liposuction involving multiple parts of the body. General anaesthesia is a temporary state of unconsciousness induced and maintained with IV sedative injection, to help you keep calm and relaxed.

The procedure may last up to several hours, depending on the extent and amount of fat removal.

In case of general anaesthesia you might need to stay few hours in hospital after the procedure to monitor your recovery and maintain hydration after the procedure (Liposuction in Lahore).

After The Procedure:

  • Expect some pain, swelling and bruising after the procedure.
  • Analgesic Medication will be prescribed to help control the pain and antibiotics to decrease the risk of infection.
  • You need to wear tight compression garments, for a few weeks, which reduce initial swelling and help contour the skin after liposuction.
  • You may need few days before returning to work and a few weeks for resuming your normal activities — including exercise.

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Side Effects of Liposuction?

Liposuction is a sophisticated procedure involving fat removal, from beneath the skin.

Complications are uncommon and the risks that are associated with liposuction are low

  1. Infection,
  2. Bleeding and bruising
  3. Uneven skin ripples or dimples,
  4. Numbness
  5. Fluid accumulation
  6. Fat embolism

You can discuss the potential risks of liposuction in your case with your surgeon on initial consultation.

Liposuction Cost in Pakistan, Lahore:

  • Liposuction cost in Pakistan, Lahore varies and depends on how much fat and how many areas need to be treated.
  • The exact cost of the procedure can only be quoted after examination and initial consultation.
  • We offer affordable liposuction cost packages including anaesthesia, Hospital, Surgeon fee, theatre charges, medicines and Room stay.

Before and After Photos – Liposuction:


fat transfer to buttocks

Liposuction Cost in Pakistan:(*): Result may vary depends on individual


Liposuction in Lahore:(*): Result may vary depends on individual

Cost of Liposuction Treatment:(*): Result may vary depends on individual

Liposuction:(*): Result may vary depends on individual

Frequently Asked Questions Liposuction Treatment (Liposuction in Lahore) By Clients:

1. Who are the ideal candidate for the procedure?

The ideal candidates for liposuction procedure are healthy individuals at or close to their ideal body weight and BMI. The ideal candidates are non-smokers or at least quiet smoking 3 weeks before the procedure.

In addition surgeons will evaluate the skin of the area to undergo liposuction. Patients with good quality and elastic skin are good candidates for liposuction, whereas those with saggy skin or have cellulite, can result in uneven or dimpled skin.

2. Is liposuction a weight loss procedure?

  • Liposuction is not a weight-loss procedure. Instead, it is a fat removal procedure.
  • That help to reshape or re-contour the body.

3. What is the recovery like?

  • In almost all liposuction procedures, you can return to work within few days and resume all normal activities, e.g. exercise, within 2-4 weeks or even less, depending upon the area and amount of fat removed.
  • Following instructions must be followed for quick recovery. Initial lifestyle changes for few days like rest, maintain good hydration and avoid smoking will make healing faster and lesser complications.
  • The most common postoperative effects are some swelling, bruising and tenderness in the area. Our team will prescribe pain relief medications and pressure garments for swelling. Normally the bruising resolves in 10-14 days with conservative management.
  • Common postsurgical instructions also include wearing compression garments in the areas that were treated. Modified activities may be recommended for a few weeks afterward to reduce strain on the target areas.

4. How much fat can be safely removed with liposuction?

Liposuction can safely remove up to 5 liters of fat from your body. If you desire to remove more than 5 liter than it should be planned in two or more sessions.

5. How long the liposuction procedure does takes?

Liposuction procedure can take up to 1 hour to 2 hours, depends upon areas treated and amount of fat removed. If other cosmetic procedure is planned along with liposuction then the operative time might increase.

 6. How long do I have to wear the pressure garment?

The pressure garments are worn 24 hours for initial two weeks; after that can wear it 12 hours a day, for next two to four weeks.

7. What kind of results should a patient expect after the procedure?

One can notice the results of liposuction treatment soon after surgery, but the permanent results will not be evident until approximately 6 months, when the swelling has totally settled.

However you need to maintain the healthy lifestyle in form of diet and exercise to maintain the long lasting results.

8. What sort of scarring is expected after the procedure?

The liposuction cannulas are inserted in the fat layer by very small cuts in the skin, and because of this, the scars are also very small. However the number of cuts depend upon the number of insertion points needed to address that area.

Normally the cuts are planned in the hidden and less conspicuous areas.

9. Will I need to get liposuction again?

  • The fat cells removed by liposuction procedure are removed permanently, decreasing the number of fat cells in that area.
  • The results of liposuction are long lasting if you follow a healthy diet, lifestyle and exercise plan and maintain the weight.
  • However the patient can still gain new fat cells or expand the existing fat cell with fat gain.
  • Usually liposuction does not need to be repeated if the weight is maintained over the years.

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