Fat Transfer Or Fat Grafting Procedure:

The Fat Transfer Or Fat Grafting is an efficient, long lasting and minimally invasive procedure to rejuvenate and revitalize the lost volume of fat from face, hands and body.

However, with aging the muscles and skin loses it elasticity, with loosening and descend of fat cushions under the effect of gravity leading to depression, hollowness and wrinkling.

With fat grafting or lipo-filling, fat is removed from one part of the body and injected into the desired areas to achieve augmentation.

Areas of Fat Grafting / Fat Transfer or what areas can be treated?

Areas treated with Fat Grafting / Fat Transfer Lahore include:

1- Face Rejuvenation:

  • Sunken eyes
  • Hollow and depressed cheeks
  • Deep naso-labial folds
  • Non-dynamic face wrinkles
  • Temple hollowing
  • Chin augmentation
  • Lip augmentation
  • Acne scaring

2- Hand Augmentation

3- Breast Augmentation

4- Buttock Augmentation

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How much time is required for Fat Grafting Treatment?

Fat transfer is usually done under local anesthesia which takes around 2-3 hours and the patient is discharged on the same day.

However for large volume fat transfer like in breast and buttock, is done under general anaesthesia and may require a short hospital stay for smooth recovery.

How long does the result of Fat Transfer Last?

  • Although the augmentation of the treated area is achieved immediately but final and permanent results are achieved by 2-3 months when the body has taken up the injected fat which can also grow with time.
  • According to literature review normally 50-60 % of injected fat is retained and permanent while remaining 40-50% is absorbed in the best possible & expert hands.

Is Fat Transfer a safe procedure?

  1. For fat transfer Liposuction method is used to remove fat from donor site (e.g. abdomen, buttocks, hips, thighs, or saddle bags) under local or general anaesthesia.
  2. The removed fat is allowed to settle or is centrifuged to separate fat cells from the liquid component.
  3. Finally the purified fat is injected into the required area with hypodermic syringe or fine cannulas without causing pain by numbing the injected area.

Benefits of Fat Transfer?

  • Natural method of face volume restoration and augmentation
  • Skin rejuvenation and Youthful Facial contour
  • No downtime
  • Day care procedure for no need for hospital admission
  • Improve body contours by body augmentation

Risks and Complications / Side Effects of Fat Transfer Lahore, Treatment?

There are no major side effects of the procedure and as the fat injected is 100% body own product so no risk of hypersensitivity reaction or total fat rejection.

Minor side effects include:

  • Mild swelling –  settles in 3-5 days and advised cold sponging
  • Bruising — settles in 7-10 days and can be easily camouflaged with makeup
  • Irregularities or Asymmetry – can be corrected by second treatment

With proper planning and execution of procedure in expert hands the above complications are minimal.

Fat Grafting Price In Lahore, Pakistan?

The fat grafting price in Lahore varies and depends upon number of areas treated. The cost can be finally quoted after initial consultation and assessment.

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Results of Fat Grafting Surgery Before and After:

Fat Grafting

Fat Grafting:(*): Result may vary depends on individual

Fat Grafting Cost In Lahore

Cost of Fat Grafting In Lahore:(*): Result may vary depends on individual

Fat Grafting Price in Lahore

Fat Grafting Price in Lahore:(*): Result may vary depends on individual

*Fat Transfer Price In Lahore: Result may vary depends on individual

Fat Grafting Specialist In Lahore

The Fat Grafting Specialist In Lahore:(*): Result may vary depends on individual

Frequently Asked Questions (Fat Grafting / Fat Transfer Lahore) By Clients:

1- How many sessions of Fat Grafting Specialist In Lahore are needed?

  • It can be as many as it needs to obtain the desired results. In the lips and laugh lines it may require a second session, but usually one may work.
  • In breast and buttock it may require 2-4 sessions for results desired, spaced 3-6 months apart.

2- What is the concept behind Fat Transfer Lahore?

Fat cells are very delicate and fragile cells present in subcutaneous plane (beneath the skin) throughout the body and only loosely connected to their blood supply. The fat cells are harvested very gently with special cannulas, then prepared and injected into the treatment area in crisscrossed tunneling method. The fat cells survive and maintain their volume when the new blood supply grows into them.

3- How much fat is usually available for Fat Grafting in Lahore?

This depends on your body status. If you have a lot of fat, it is easy and mostly taken from the thighs and/or abdomen. But if you do not have much fat, it may need harvesting from multiple areas of body.

4- Are all areas on the body equally good sources for fat?

No. Soft and non-fibrotic fat is best, from the central abdomen. Areas previously treated for liposuction with scarring are not good harvesting site of fat.

5- How do you harvest the Fat?

Through very small incisions in skin, fat is harvested with fine cannulas so that only small fat parcels will be harvested. It is harvested under very light suction so that the fat cells will not be damaged or destroyed.

6- How is the Fat Prepared?

The harvested fat is carefully and gently washed with normal saline and healthy fat cells are then separated from the dead cells and the fluid. They are filled into syringes and are ready for injection.

7- How is the Fat Injected?

Fat is injected and transferred using the micro-grafting technique with the help of very small cannulas. With the cannulas very thin tunnels will be created that is then filled with the prepared fat.

The fat tunnels are at different tissue levels, and crisscross through the area to be augmented. Together, these will allow the best opportunity to have the new blood supply grow in.

8- Is there a preferred age for patients receiving Fat Transfers?

Fat Transfer / Fat Grafting gives beautiful results in all ages.

With the aging process, typically in the late 50s and 60s, facial volume is lost and has progressed to the point where fat grafting alone or with a surgical procedure (like facelift or neck lift), is required to restore facial volume and contours.

Fat Grafting Lahore can be performed in younger age groups to correct deep acne scars or facial asymmetry. Its other indications are — lip augmentation or cheek augmentation, buttock and breast augmentation.

9- When will I be able to return to my normal routine after Fat Grafting Treatment?

Most patients can return to light exercise and work at about 7-10 days. After three weeks, patients can ease back into their pre-operative routines and continue routine exercises.

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